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Vol.18, No. 3, October 2012
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The seven-member coalition of laboratory professional associations has visited House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committee members to seek sponsors for legislation to designate non-physician doctoral scientists with appropriate training and experience as Qualified Health Care Practitioners, permitted to bill Medicare directly from the Physician Fee Schedule for interpretive services for tests in the Molecular Pathology section of the CPT® codebook.

The LDT Working Group of the Professional Relations Committee (PRC) is drafting a white paper to address the complexities involved with oversight of LDTs. The group plans to complete their work by the end of the year.

The PRC continues to monitor the activities of, and in some cases work with, federal agencies and panels such as HHS, FDA, AHRQ, CLIAC, as well as policy committees such as IOM. The committee continues to respond to requests for comments, attend conferences, and recommend AMP members for panel vacancies as appropriate. In addition, it is currently drafting public comments in response to a request from PCORI.

The PRC continues to interact and when appropriate coordinate with other organizations such as CAP, ASCP, ACLA, and the Personalized Medicine Coalition.

AMP is actively opposing legislation that would severely restrict the ability of federal employees to attend conferences, including scientific and medical conferences. AMP is seeking a carve-out for scientific and medical conferences where the primary purpose is continuing medical education.

On September 25, AMP and the other plaintiffs petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to review the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s (CAFC’s) August ruling. See the press release at The outcome at the CAFC was the same as the first time, a 2-1 decision that partially reversed the District Court's ruling. Case documents may be found at The High Court’s ruling in Mayo v Prometheus has implications for this case. An Early Bird session at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 27, will provide and overview and updates of both cases.



• Members of the AMP Whole Genome Analysis (WGA) Working Group attended a public meeting on August 16-17 in Gaithersburg, MD at the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) “Genome in a Bottle” Consortium Workshop. WGA members plan to contribute their expertise to the Consortium working groups that aim to develop the reference materials, data, and methods needed to assess performance of human genome sequencing. For more information visit


• In preparation for a lunch time roundtable discussion on identifying the educational needs of AMP please complete the short online "AMP 2012 Education Survey" at, no later than October 15. Your participation and feedback are critical and valued in helping AMP address those needs in its educational programs in the near future. The specialty lunch during the AMP 2012 Annual Meeting on Genomic Medicine will be facilitated by Kathy Mangold and others from the Training & Education Committee.

• Want to hear about the latest developments in a molecular pathology curriculum for residents? Come to the AMP task force’s lunch time forum at the AMP 2012 Annual Meeting and provide feedback. Charlie Hill, as Chair of the task force, will be leading the discussion. Details are forthcoming.

• Are you attending ASCP’s 2012 Annual Meeting in Boston after the AMP 2012 Annual Meeting? On behalf of AMP, Laura Tafe, Gregory Tsongalis, and Kimberly Lebel are presenting a course for laboratory technologists: “The Omics Era: An Introduction to Molecular Diagnostics,” on Friday, November 2, 2:00-5:00pm. Mark Boguski, Richard Haspel, Mark Sobel, and Laura Tafe are presenting an ASIP/AMP/ASCP-sponsored session, "Genomics Testing: What Pathologists Need to Know," on Thursday, November 1, 8:00-11:00am. Search for the sessions at the 2012 ASCP Annual Meeting website at:

AMP Webinar Series - Upcoming Webinars... Tuesday, October 18, 2:00pm (ET): The Current Status of HIV Diagnosis, presented by Richard L. Hodinka, PhD, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Tuesday, November 6, 2:00pm (ET): Global Methylation States for MDS and AML, presented by Maria (Ken) Figueroa, MD, University of Michigan. Visit: for more information.

The AMP 2013 Annual Meeting Program Committee is gearing up to prepare the program for next year's meeting. Your input is needed! Please take a moment to submit your ideas for session topics at the 2013 Annual Meeting via the following online form:

• AMP continues its outreach to other organizations to partner in mutually beneficial educational opportunities. AMP members William Wachsman and Eric Duncavage were selected to present at the SLAS 2013 2nd Annual Conference. For details about the conference, visit



The Finance Committee welcomes appointed members: Mary Lowery-Nordberg, Timothy Stenzel and Gail Vance. These volunteer committee members were selected from the AMP Regular membership based on their relevant financial oversight experience. The Finance Committee provides recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding AMP financial matters. 

The Membership Affairs Committee (MAC) announces its new members: Neng Chen, PhD, Beaumont Health System; A. Craig Mackinnon, MD, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin; Dakai Liu, MD, PhD, Shiel Medical Laboratory; and Lynne Rainen, PhD, BD Diagnostics – Preanalytical GmbH. The MAC would like to thank all of the volunteers who applied to serve on MAC. For future volunteer opportunities, please visit:

The Nominating Committee would like to congratulate Helen Fernandes and Shuji Ogino – recipients of the 2012 AMP Meritorious Service Award. Both recipients exceptional dedication and effort to AMP warrants this special recognition. Helen Fernandes, for providing ongoing leadership to molecular diagnostics in the international arena which has been an important contribution on a global scale – and Shuji Ogino for his prior work as CHAMP moderator and behind the scenes dedication and service to AMP and its membership.  


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